Successful Personal Outcomes Relaunches

This hugely popular initiative, Successful Personal Outcomes, now in its third year, is once again available. With half a dozen videos and supporting materials, I walk you through how to model the approaches that have created success for people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Anthony Hopkins and Tony Robbins.

To preview the contents and get onboard click the link (and I will see you on the inside).

Without further hoodoo here is the short intro video…

It is an EIGHT video FIVE-week program with handouts and LIVE closing webinar. These are the techniques we use actively in all our work with global clients. Tried, tested and proven they really do make that difference in whatever work and lives we have.

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Get the inside track with Customer Experience thinking and practice

The once favorite topic for improving business performance was Lean Six Sigma, however, the last two years have seen the ascendancy of Customer Experience (CX) as a focus for top teams. ‘Google trends’ is a good barometer of emerging interests and this graph demonstrates increasing interest in CX (blue) compared with LSS (red). 

Curiously the largest interest in industrial age improvement techniques like Lean and Six Sigma is in non-English speaking countries, whereas Customer Experience is strongly represented in North America, UK, Australia and South Africa.

For those using the search term ‘Customer Experience,’ the associated topic list provides additional insight into searchers interests. The % trend reflects the growth year on year with ‘Omnichannel’ and ‘Digital data’ seeing explosive growth.

By way of additional information, a search with Epictions focused on Articles produces these top three pieces in the last three months on the theme of ‘Customer Experience – Omnichannel’.

1.  The Future of Car Sales Is Omnichannel (Bain & Co)

2.    Your Omnichannel Reading Challenge (Genesys)

3.  Omnichannel Study: Now’s Your Chance to Get Ahead of the Competition for the Holidays (Marketingprofs)

The ‘Reading Challenge’ provides an opportunity to dig deeper with some surprising reads available related to employee engagement and the very latest customer trends.

In the BP Group, we have codified the very best practices of CX leaders in and around Customer Experience into the CEMMethod™.

If you would like to find out more about how to access this learning please visit us at or drop by at

Data and information shared with thanks to Google and Epictions.

Three Steps to Process and Customer Nirvana

Three things to focus on with immediate benefits:
1.     Define a Successful Customer Outcome for the processes you are involved with.
Watch – What is a Successful Customer Outcome (SCO)
Watch – Step by step guide to creating a SCO.
2.     Identify all the customer[1] touchpoints (aka Moments of Truth – MOT) in your process
Watch – What is a Moment of Truth (MOT)
3.     Evaluate all the MOT’s and classify them as (a) aligned to the SCO, or (b) not aligned. For the latter identify actions to remove or improve the MOT.
These three easy and quick to do steps will lead to reductions in cost and complexity, improvements to service and delivery, and for revenue generating processes growth in income.

[1]Customer as defined within your SCO map.
Note customers can be
(a) Primary – the ones providing the revenue and paying our salaries. (b) Secondary – those folks interested in our process but not directly involved e.g. Regulators. (c) Internal – other departments/functions or across the value chain partners,