Fundamentally flawed thinking (for the 21C) is why companies like British Airways and the Detroit car industry are going bust.

This example tells you much about the demise of many – see – with the quote from CIO Update “A process is a process is a process, whether it is the manufacturing floor or airline passenger check-in. And what worked for manufacturing in Detroit years ago is also working for British Airways.”
(as a matter of fact it isn’t)

This typifies the inside-out thinking which does not acknowledge anywhere near sufficiently the Successful Customer Outcome. It might have worked in the 70’s and 80’s but it just isn’t sufficient anymore.

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Architecture World 2009

iCMG Architecture World conference is focused on IT architecture as a specialty. The key focus areas include understanding of EAF(Enterprise Architecture Frameworks), Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Component based product line, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), ITSM etc. which are key for the End-User Companies for reducing IT costs, ensuring system longevity and enhancing productivity.

IT Architecture is getting recognized as a critical element for realizing practical vision of the IT system for Fortune 2000 companies. With the rapid pace of change today… iCMG Architecture World ’09 – Architecture for Business Innovation & Risk Mitigation

4th Wave BPM – Outside-in – does it win?

The article about American Airlines late arrival and subsequent conversion to Outside-In BPM raised many questions, not least is how ‘others’ are doing. What about those established BPM companies and their standing? Hence this piece of research which compares brand value with business model maturity.

The more mature the business model the more it is outside-in with increasing alignment to achieving successful customer outcomes.

So we went to an authoritative reference for a respected breakdown of performance. That source Millward Brown Optimor produces an annual survey and this is the latest one.

We have combined the BP Group Outside-in analysis and the results suggest a clear trend.