Change Architect of the Year

The Global Change Architect of the Year is announced! And the 2021’s award goes to… Edwin de Lange in South Africa.

The BP Group and Affiliates are pleased to announce the winner of this years prestigious ‘Change Architect of the Year’ Award goes to Edwin de Lange, Manager: Customer Experience Design at Mercantile Bank, South Africa.

The Award, now in its fourth year, recognises the formidable achievements of the winner in delivering both personal, professional and business transformation in the organisations they work with.

Over the last few years, Edwin has progressed his professional credibility and qualifications and is acknowledged as one of the most accomplished and recognized African Customer Experience leaders.

His perspective on Customer Experience Management is both grounded in reality and backed up with sharp-end practical accomplishments and success. An inspiration to his colleagues and peers it is a well-deserved honor that once again sets the bar even higher for those wishing to push the boundaries and application of business transformation.

Edwin’s recent licenses and certifications qualifications include:

Prior to joining Mercantile Edwin worked for Old Mutual and All Life in the financial service sector in South Africa.

Selected by their immediate peers and fellow professionals the Change Architect of the Year now appears in the ‘Change Architects Hall of Fame’  – Edwin de Lange is now acknowledged as this years ‘Global Change Architect for 2021’. 

You can review Edwin’s profile at:

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