10 winners of an iPad3 for the BP Group 20th birthday

Participants at the BP Groups August and September Certified Process Professional® programmes will join the draw on Monday 1st October (noon at our London offices) for ten iPad 3’s.

One per class from classes in Helsinki, London, Johannesburg, New Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore Shangai and Bangalore. The results will be published here next week.

If you would like to join the growing ranks of BP Group Certified Process Professionals® you can review the next 22 sessions across Asia, Africa, USA, Europe and Australia from http://www.bpgroup.org/certification-by-city.html

Who inspires your thinking?

An interesting thought…. People passionate about process realize that everything is process. Even the way we think is a process. One of my inspirations is a guy called Richard Bandler (co founder of NLP). I caught this recent radio interview in the UK recently (13 mins long) that really captures the essence of thinking differently (and changing your process).