Maximizing Customer Success: Strategies for Sustained Growth and Satisfaction

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šŸ‘‰šŸ‘‰ 32 Years and stronger than ever! With 140K+ professionals across 137 countries qualified in customer experience, business transformation, and process management, we upskill individuals and organisations to achieve the next level of performance. Here is a celebration of some of those people. Thank you All! šŸ‘šŸ‘

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Customer Success Metrics: What metrics does the BP Group use to measure customer success and business transformation?

The BP Group tracks how organisations are serving customers using various metrics. These focus on customer outcomes, efficiency, and growth. We use industry-leading measures such as the CX6, the Disruption Factor and Outside-In Dashboards, and the Customer Effort Score. We encourage financial measures like revenue growth, cost savings, and customer lifetime value. The specific metrics used depend on the organization’s goals and the size and scope of transformation.

2. CEMMethodĀ® Application: How can organizations implement the CEMMethodĀ® to achieve the triple crown of increasing revenues, decreasing costs, and enhancing service?

Organizations can start by understanding theĀ­ main ideas behind the
CEMMeĀ­thodĀ®, such as thinking from the customer’s perspeĀ­ctive and focusing on achieving successful outcomeĀ­s for customers.

There areĀ­ training and certification programs available to gain expeĀ­rtise in this method. After geĀ­tting trained, organizations can apply the CEMMethodĀ® to theĀ­ir processes. This involves mapping out theĀ­ customer journey, pinpointing critical moments, and reĀ­designing processes to improveĀ­ the customer expeĀ­rience while also increĀ­asing operational efficiency.

3. Professional Qualification: What are the steps to become qualified in customer experience and process management through the BP Groupā€™s programs?

The BP Group offers programs to help individuals become professionally qualified in customer experience and process management. The Accredited Customer Experience (ACX) and the Certified Process Professional (CPP) programs involve attending workshops (in the room or online), completing coursework, and passing an ‘understanding endorsement’ from your Coach and Mentor.

Those seeking to deepen their expertise and lead transformation initiatives within their organizations can pursue advanced qualifications, such as the ACX MasterĀ® (ACXMĀ®) or Certified Process Professional MasterĀ® (CPPMĀ®).

Steve Towers, an expert in customer experience, enjoys spreading his enthusiasm for this field through coaching, keynote speeches, books, and social media content.

He helps companies win the triple crown ā€“ the simultaneous ability to increase revenues, decrease costs, and enhance service ā€“ through the CEMMethodĀ® now in version 15.

With over three decades of experience working with large enterprises worldwide, Steve has distilled the successful strategies of top-performing organizations into a proprietary methodology that can be easily imparted to CX teams and executives.

His forte lies in envisioning the future of customer-centricity, customer experience, process management and realizing long-term benefits from business transformation.
Steveā€™s approach combines customer-focused thinking, cutting-edge technologies, and a human touch.
Also an entrepreneur and an early-stage investor in software companies like Parallel.

Steve Towers: