Certified Process Professional® Update – October 2012

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Welcome to this bite sized update
** BP Group CPP Advanced Master® & Champion® **
New sessions for wannabe Advanced Masters and Champions

You can now pre register interest for upcoming classes. If you are already a Certified Process Professional review the upcoming Advanced/Champion sessions in New Zealand, UK, USA, South Africa and UAE:
** BP Group professional accreditation **Not yet professionally qualified? Review upcoming sessions from:
Register for a class before year end and enter the draw for an iPad3 – one per class!!
** Winners in the iPad3 ** draws from August and September were drawn in London on October 1st.
Congratulations to the 11 winners – (listed in the closed area)
** Interesting Resources **
Successful Customer Outcomes Six Sigma on Steroids (keynote presentation)
What would Steve Jobs have done?
Big companies can’t innovate halfway
** Review the videos – insights and suggestions J **
A couple of recent interviews and session highlights:
** BP Group is on Linked In company pages **
Linked In now have company pages, and yes the BP Group has its own! Early days however have a look and follow us from:
** PEX ANNUAL US Conference **Have you a story to tell? Do you need to know the latest? – register for Orlando in January here:
Catch you soon, all the Best

And the winners of the ipad3’s are…

Through July and August 309 people qualified as BP Group Certified Process Professionals®. All successful participants have been entered into a draw for an iPad3 to celibrate the BP Groups 20th Anniversary (www.bpgroup.org)… and below are the results from the draw that took place in London on October 1st.

From October through December 31st all events will feature the same thing – one iPad3 per class so if you would like to join the fun and along the way to becoming professionally qualified stand a chance of winning and iPad 3 review the upcoming sessions: http://www.bpgroup.org/certification-by-city.html

Meanwhile here are the highlights of the draw. 

Winners are notified via email and have one month to claim their prize, otherwise the outstaning iPads will go forward into the Oct-Nov-Dec draw (to be drawn at PEX 2013 in January in Florida)

A list of the winners will be published in the BP Groups Certified Process Professional® subgroup on Tuesday 2nd October 2012.

Winners from 11 sessions held August-September 2012
309 in the draw held at BP Groups office in London 1st October 2012

Winning companies include:
Batelco, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Real People, Dubai Trade, Koru Services Group, Propentus, Standard Chartered Bank, Astra Zeneca, Sodexo, Philips,

Winning countries: Bahrain, UAE, China, UK, Finland, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, India