Business Process Excellence in Financial Services


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Improve efficiency and customer service, increase revenue and reduce costs
September 29 – October 1 · Thistle Marble Arch Hotel, London, UK
Workshop day one – Accelerated Cost Reduction with BPE (Steve Towers)

Certified Process Management – Two Days with Steve

“Exceptional and life transforming. This training should be on every corporate agenda”CIO Pharmaceutical, Florida

London, September 15-16, 2008.
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Business Transformation – Are you Onboard?

The world of business is undergoing dramatic change. Driven by a number of factors organizations are needing to realign themselves to adapt and evolve. This transformation is global and reaches into every business sector impacting how companies create, deliver and sustain their products and services. {…} more

Zen and the Art of Business Process Management

In PartOne of this three part article we reviewed the factors driving transformational change and how the old ‘inside-out’ approach to business is about as useful as a steam engine in getting to the moon. In Part two we’ll look at how some of the world leading trend setter companies are embracing the new outside-in challenge and creating new powerful business models driven by advanced forms of BPM such as the Customer Expectation Management Method (CEMM). . {…} more

Why Six Sigma is Failing

This one pager reviews the latest stock performance of die hard Six Sigma companies and dismisses the belief that Six SIgma and Lean will help us out of the current global economic crisis.. {..} more

Screw it – Let’s Do it (Part 3)

In the early parts we reviewed ‘Business Transformation are you on board?’ and the ‘Zen and the Art of Process Management’ and we now bring the story together with ‘Screw it – Let’s do it!’. In our efforts to improve our organzations we involve ourselves in approaches that frequently get mired in their own complexity. It doesn’t have to be that way.. . {…} more

See Part One Part Two

Slash Costs But don’t Kill the Business

Approaches such as Lean and Six Sigma are having a tough time in the face of a compelling need to dramatically reduce costs caused by the current economic downturn, credit squeeze and market volatility. Companies are looking beyond the ‘business as usual’ 5-10% annual reductions and need to slash costs just to stay in business. Tightening belts and just ‘doing things right’ really isn’t good enough anymore as long established companies go to the wall on the back of short term and short sighted decisions made in better times.. {…} more