You may be doing things right, but are you doing the right things?

CX Metrics are being abused and misused… see how the road to hell may be paved with good intentions.

CX is a Team Sport. Are You Ready To Win Big?

We have known for a long time that most senior leaders are fiercely competitive. They enjoy competitive sports in general.

It is therefore disturbing that Customer Experience (CX) adoption has not been more rapid and widespread, given that business is, after all, a highly competitive team sport.

CX is a Team Sport – Play It To Win

Operating a company without a laser-like focus on customer success and alignment of everyone and everything to successful outcomes is akin to preparing for a major sporting event with only a list of important players, no playbook, and no preparation.

Soft and Fluffy

On the other hand, we recognize that the majority of the existing training and literature on customer experience does little to speed up the adoption process.

Unfortunately, much of what has been written and taught about customer experience has been subjective, and oftentimes perceived as ‘soft and fluffy’.

Disregarded at the top table as wishful thinking, disconnected from the reality of daily business, and surrounded by people great at talking but not walking.

Connections between strategy, organizational design, process management, people concerns, and digital/technology may not even be on the agenda.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that customer experience thinking has become to management philosophy what fairy tales are to children. Charming but not grounded in the real world.

The more you think about it, the more you realize that part of the reason senior leaders don’t ‘get it’ it was that consultants and CX internal leadership couldn’t sell and deliver the true benefits. For instance, a typical reliance on fragile subjective metrics doesn’t help.

There has never been a time where there has been a need to get more scientific about CX. For instance, there are many examples concerning a favored approach to CX measurement, Net Promoter Score (organizational abused and misused). So much so that the original inventor of NPS, Fred Reichheld, says ‘I had no idea how many people would mess with the score to bend it, to make it serve their selfish objectives’.

If CX thinking and practice is to build long-term success, it must deliver business results and move toward forward-facing, objective, and connected measurement systems. Also, helping the organization ‘connect the dots and appreciate that everyone has a role to play in delivering successful customer outcomes.

The BP Group’s North Star is indeed this upskilling of practitioners, professionals, and masters of Customer Experience. We teach an underpinning approach that has been tried, tested, and deployed in leading global corporations which aims to educate, inform and deliver immediate results that both charm senior leaders, excite customers, and consistently deliver growing shareholder value.

CX is indeed a team sport – let’s play it to win.
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