The Most Highly Regarded CX Leaders share Incredible Thought Leadership

I loved that James Dodkins couldn’t find a comprehensive Customer Experience Quotebook, so he decided to create one by assembling the best of the best from our current era of CX luminaries and Business leaders.

Let’s review my choice of the very best best ones 😉

You can get a FREE copy of the CX Quote book with 365 insights with some additional bonuses.
One Inspiration for every day of the coming year perhaps?

do not resist change, embrace it

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The 3 Most Frustrating things about those people who love Quotes

Stay with me for this one. James Dodkins says he just cut n pasted the best CX Quotes into his cornerstone work of 365 CX Quotes. He didn’t because I was there to see the process… try this google ‘Great Quotes’* and you will have some idea of the size of the task in hand.

* It produces results of nearly two billion. 😱

And we all know that 95% of those are dross. So that leaves just 10 million half ways decent ones to get it down to 365 which itself is a herculean task. However he did it, and you can get the results for free (see the link below). One a day CX quotes to brighten the dullest day. And without the dross.

Talking of arrogance and dross produced a really nice quote from that brilliant sci-fi guy, Isaac Asimov.

Let’s just say, like some of us, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly…

Now I would have included that, but I also know James Dodkins hates with a passion sci-fi. Don’t mention Star Trek, Star Wars, or Space Rangers. You will become persona non gratis 😂 Hence Isaac isn’t in this book…..

Even so, this book is an inspiration.
Open it at random and you might get your thoughts changed for a day or two. Or treat it like a 365-day advent calendar and regale your friends with a quote a day for a year – no don’t do that, it is too nerdy.

Here are a couple of fine examples.

I especially like this one. Been there and done that way too often.

Here’s a link that will get you this work of a genius (OK then, the work of the CX RockStar)

Catch you soon!

Steve Towers

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There are always more questions than answers 😉 However, in the ACX Masters program, we cover all the bases and provide a set of tools and approaches that enable you to WIN THE TRIPLE CROWN in every CX initiative
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The 11 Critical Things Mentally Strong People Avoid

Entrepreneurs are often interested in physical strength and health, but mental strength is even more important. Mental strength is a critical characteristic for entrepreneurs, as many articles address tenacity, “grit,” optimism, and unfailing ability to “fail up,” as David Williams of Forbes puts it.

do not resist change, embrace it

However, mentally strong individuals avoid doing certain things as well. Licensed Clinical psychotherapist and social worker Amy Morin[1] created a list of things mentally strong individuals don’t do as part of LifeHack. It inspired me enough to summarize and spread it around, and I’ll add my thoughts on how these things relate to entrepreneurs.

  1. Mentally strong individuals don’t waste time feeling bad for themselves.
    They don’t waste time thinking about how they’ve been wronged. They are responsible for their actions and consequences and realize that life isn’t always fair. Even though they emerge from difficult situations with self-awareness and gratitude for the lessons learned, they can respond to an unfavorable outcome with the phrase “Oh, well.” Next!” or simply “Next!”
  2. Hand their Power to Others.
    Mentally strong individuals avoid relinquishing control to others, ensuring they do not feel inadequate or inferior. They understand that they are in charge of their actions and emotions. They acknowledge that their strength lies in managing how they respond.
  3. Seeing change as an enemy
    A mentally strong person accepts change and challenges with open arms. If they have a greatest “fear,” it is of becoming inwardly focused, complacent, and stuck. An environment of change, challenge, and uncertainty can energize a mentally strong person and bring out their best.

  4. Waste time on things beyond their control.
    A mentally strong person doesn’t whine about bad traffic, lost luggage, or other people (as these things are usually outside of their control) but instead focuses on what they can control: their response and attitude. Even in a bad situation, they know that the only thing they can always control is their response and perspective, and they make the most of these attributes.

  5. Wanting to be liked by everyone.
    Do you know any people pleasers or people who go out of their way to displease others to reinforce an image of strength? Neither position is good. A mentally strong individual aims to be kind and just, in addition to pleasing others if appropriate, but they are not afraid to speak up. They can deal with difficult situations where someone might become upset with grace, if possible.

  6. Worry over taking Risks.
    A mentally strong person is very willing to take calculated risks. This differs from taking foolish risks. However, with mental strength, an individual can weigh the risks and benefits thoroughly, consider the potential downsides and even the worst-case scenarios before taking action, and make a rational decision.

  7. Lament and become sentimental about a past event.
    A mentally strong person can avoid miring their mental energy in past disappointments or fantasies of the “glory days” in the past. Acknowledging and learning from past experiences, in particular, provides mental strength. Investing the majority of their mental energy in creating an optimal present and future is what mentally strong people do.

  8. Avoid Habitual Mistakes.
    The definition of insanity is when we take the same actions repeatedly while hoping for a better outcome than we got the last time. We all know what it means. A mentally strong individual acknowledges responsibility for previous actions and is willing to learn from errors. According to research, one of the greatest strengths of successful executives and entrepreneurs is their self-reflective, accurate, and effective way of thinking.

  9. Avoid the Green Monster trap.
    It takes strength of character to be genuinely pleased and enthused by other people’s achievements. Mentally strong people possess this skill. When others succeed, they don’t become jealous or resentful (although they may carefully observe what the individual did right). They work hard for their own success rather than taking shortcuts and are willing to do so.

  10. Surrender when they fail.
    The most outstanding entrepreneurs acknowledge that many failures characterized their first efforts. Every failure provides an opportunity to improve. Mentally tough individuals are willing to fail repeatedly as long as they can learn from each “failure.” They don’t fear being alone; they treasure and even enjoy it. During their downtime, mentally strong individuals reflect, plan, and accomplish things. They don’t need others to keep them happy and cheerful, so they don’t rely on others. They can enjoy being with others and also enjoy being alone.

  11.  Understand that the world owes them nothing.
    Employees and executives at all levels realize that the world does not owe them a salary, rewards package, and an easy life regardless of their education and preparation. People with mental strength are prepared to work and succeed on their own merits at every stage of life.

    Those who want immediate results will be disappointed. Even when they start a business or begin a workout plan, people with mental toughness are in it for the long haul. They know that they must take measured doses of time and energy and celebrate each step of success as they go. They have staying power and recognize that real change takes time.

    Are you mentally tough? What areas of these habits do you need to strengthen?
Change Your Habits Change Your Life


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There are always more questions than answers 😉 However, in the ACX Masters program, we cover all the bases and provide a set of tools and approaches that enable you to WIN THE TRIPLE CROWN in every CX initiative
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Leveraging Analytics to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience Ecosystem

Dr. Durrell Ramrathan, Ph.D

Dr. Durrell Ramrathan is for many an unsung hero carving a path for the rest of us to follow as he takes CX and Analytics to the next level. This recent keynote is exactly what |I am talking about, chokka block full of useful practical guidance and some great stories at the same time.

Watch the presentation here and download the transcript below.

You can reach out to Durrel at: Durel Ramrathan, Ph.D
and he is part of the groundbreaking CX team headed by Roland D. Naidoo over at #Multichoice.

Get the Transcript:

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There are always more questions than answers 😉 However, in the ACX Masters program, we cover all the bases and provide a set of tools and approaches that enable you to WIN THE TRIPLE CROWN in every CX initiative
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You may be doing things right, but are you doing the right things?

CX Metrics are being abused and misused… see how the road to hell may be paved with good intentions.

Employee Liberation for Successful Customer Outcomes!

I am happy to invite you to the #VIIICongresoDEC, a reference event in CX in which I will be participating as a keynote speaker.  

This year it is about Employee Experience and its relationship with Customer Experience. October 5th. Do not miss it! 

Employee Engagement

It should stand to reason that great Customer Experiences are born with fantastic Employee Engagement. Why is this so often not the case? There are three attitudes that top teams can apply to help their people provide the ultimate experiences – both engineered and free-flowing.

It is perhaps simpler than most people think…

Successful Customer Outcomes

A concept not well understood comes from Apple’s playbook of crafting Successful Customer Outcomes. One of Steve Jobs most famous quotes highlighted a different starting point to craft truly successful customer outcomes. For many leaders, the stark contrast between Industrial Age thinking and Customer Age/’Outside-In’ practice provided a platform to liberate their employees from scripts, tasks, and outputs. The best of these examples shows us all a better way.

Simple truth often misunderstood – do you get it? Really?

Measurement Systems

How are you currently measuring success? Is it by the number of jobs done, tasks completed, and outputs achieved? If those things represent your major Key Performance Indicators, or the more fashionable Objectives and Key Results then you may need to think again.

Why so? Liberating employees from the shackles of these measures will produce better customer experiences, improved bottom lines, and enhanced shareholder value from the get-go. Creating Results-Oriented Communication (Jim Sinur) is a quantum leap from the industrial era praxis. We will review those next practices and layout a plan to deliver immediate and sustained results.

Here’s a piece on flawed measurement systems:

Are you employees like caged birds?

So please join me on CX day 2021 in Spain and we will demonstrate a better way! 

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How You Can Become ‘Outside-In’…

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You have impacted the lives of many of us in the Business community, in a big way in our career journey. Our success can be attributed to your insights on Outside-In Thinking and Customer Experience, among others.
Mashaba Mulaudzi, Manager Process Innovation, South Africa

This experience has completely transformed how we measure, collaborate, communicate and innovate with the customer in mind. Keen to guide the next willing souls on this journey.
Durrel Ramrathan, ACX Master Coach

Brilliant Workshop. The speaker was awesome and gave great guidance on matters I am finding in the workplace.
Cindy-Lee Muller, Planning & Roadmap Manager, MTN (Pty) Ltd

The workshop is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to simplify and expedite processes thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. The speaker is immensely knowledgeable and demonstrates vast experience in the subject.
David Mulovhedzi, DPSA

Thank you so much for your time, energy, and investment in our growth and success during our Masters course. You shared your wisdom, stories, and made it personalized to us. We are so grateful.
SAP Sales Process Optimization Team, USA

Thanks to you for a fantastic mentoring programme … I am an Outside-In fan now!
Jimmy Cuadra, Director of Information Management, Akzo Nobel Paints, Singapore

Customer Obsession

We can learn a lot from Jeff Bezos. 60 seconds may be enough when you understand how he creates success.

I am still perplexed that so many folks seek to justify the failure of once-great companies like Nokia, Motorola, Blockbuster and Circuit City as being complex.

It wasn’t complicated and still isn’t to understand the reasons why they crashed and burned. It is in fact pretty simple. If you lose the connection between yourselves and customer success you will fail fast. All the best leadership, innovation and culture crumbles if you are not delivering #successfulcustomeroutcomes. However, don’t take my word for it – let’s hear it from the maestro himself

Learn more about embedding ‘next practice’ into your work and organisation by joining us at one of our upcoming courses at

The Shocking Truth about Customer Experience

The single biggest piece of advice I give to senior executives setting out on the Customer Experience journey is to STOP. Yes seriously, the vast majority of CX efforts are completely misaligned.

CX Efforts Misaligned

Don’t get me wrong the intentions are good. Unfortunately, it goes something like this:

  1. Top Team are listening and decide they need to get with this customer centricity/Outside-In/working backwards thinking.
  2. Senior Management makes noises that the customer is THE thing the business must focus on.
  3. The Executive engage the marketing and sales guys to get with it and start pushing the message.
  4. Functional leaders hear the noise and bluster. They start using the language, whilst thinking this is just more fluff and nonsense. They make the right noises for now but keep their heads down, because they know this will go the same way as so many other ‘strategic initiatives’.
  5. Fundamentally functional heads carry on working with the out of date reward system that promotes sub-optimal industrial age thinking and practice.
  6. The Executive see the usual inertia, results not coming through, apathy and indifference and decide their business isn’t really an Amazon.
  7. Top Team then reverts to just getting better at what we are doing, then when someone in ‘our industry’ proves it we will follow.
  8. Functional leaders breathe a sigh of relief and invest even more in industrial age systems and training. The illusion of doing something, in this case, is actually worse than doing nothing.
  9. The businesses failure is noted by customers who move to those who do understand and deliver Customer Experience success.
  10. The company becomes another footnote in the history books. Talked about at business schools and picked apart because of the failure to get the new Outside-In customer-centric mindset.

Making Customer Experience Successful everywhere all the time

This isn’t rocket science (unless you are NASA of course). Understanding that the structures and ways of working from the industrial age were NEVER designed to be customer-centric. They were established to make things faster by optimizing production lines.

And oh, don’t think because you are not in manufacturing you are OK. It is likely your complete ways of working will be making everything look like production management systems, with talk of leaning out, waste reduction, standardization, efficiency, productivity. Sound familiar?

Understanding this Customer Experience misalignment is fundamental.

I encourage doing three things before re-joining the CX road-march:

  1. Understand how big the gap is between what you are doing and what Successful Customer Outcomes you need to be delivering.
  2. Audit the current key performance indicators.
    Are they mostly about outputs?
    Usually, the balance will be 80% output metrics (like calls answered, Average Handle Times, Abandoned Rates, Projects completed on time to budget etc.).
    Meanwhile, the really important measures that tell you a Successful Customer Outcome is being achieved will only be a small proportion.
    What you measure is what you get and no amount of Customer Experience drum banging will work unless those measures of Outcomes become the most important.
  3. Create an awareness of what real CX success is all about.
    This isn’t just the stories. It is about the actual things on the ground that need to change. The WHY and the HOW go hand in hand. Often times upskilling a group of key players at all levels to make them Ambassadors for the Customer achieves way more than massive corporate investment in branding and image.

In conclusion, Customer Experience cannot be treated just like another corporate initiative. To achieve success requires a significant shift in mindsets, and when that is achieved the realignment of the Enterprise to Outside-In can really begin.

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Connecting with Customer Experience

Neat utility that can help with trending Customer Experience topics 🙂 #cx

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