Certified Process Professional® Update – October 2012

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Welcome to this bite sized update
** BP Group CPP Advanced Master® & Champion® **
New sessions for wannabe Advanced Masters and Champions

You can now pre register interest for upcoming classes. If you are already a Certified Process Professional review the upcoming Advanced/Champion sessions in New Zealand, UK, USA, South Africa and UAE:
** BP Group professional accreditation **Not yet professionally qualified? Review upcoming sessions from:
Register for a class before year end and enter the draw for an iPad3 – one per class!!
** Winners in the iPad3 ** draws from August and September were drawn in London on October 1st.
Congratulations to the 11 winners – (listed in the closed area)
** Interesting Resources **
Successful Customer Outcomes Six Sigma on Steroids (keynote presentation)
What would Steve Jobs have done?
Big companies can’t innovate halfway
** Review the videos – insights and suggestions J **
A couple of recent interviews and session highlights:
** BP Group is on Linked In company pages **
Linked In now have company pages, and yes the BP Group has its own! Early days however have a look and follow us from:
** PEX ANNUAL US Conference **Have you a story to tell? Do you need to know the latest? – register for Orlando in January here:
Catch you soon, all the Best