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Business Leader in South Africa provides his views on Customer Centricity

Roland Naidoo, Senior Executive, Multichoice
Roland Naidoo, Senior Executive, Multichoice


Roland Naidoo (ACX Master) is a highly respected senior executive in the global entertainments business. As part of a podcast hosted by Futurology…


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Award won by yours truly!

I was deeply honoured by the PEX community at the annual conference in Florida last month and received the Global Community 2018 Award. Needless to say (but I will) this is as much down to you guys and your great transformational work, so I graciously excepted the Award on your behalf. Thank you so much :

See the snapshot here: https://buff.ly/2EEE9Im

Next time we will be reviewing highlights of the upcoming 2018 conferences…

Outside-In wins the Triple-Crown+

When the Upside is greater than the pain of adopting something new, a new approach can breakthrough. If however the upside is not sufficient, then the status quo will remain.
So if you don’t want change personally or in your organization keep doing what you have always done. That way you will get what you have always got.

On the other hand if change is necessary you need to demonstrate a significant upside, whether that is in terms of cost reduction, revenue improvement, service enhancement and better compliance – that is the triple crown plus.

Ideally the approach you adopt will give you the capability to deliver all triple crown benefits simultaneously and in a truly sustainable, repeatable pattern.

That is precisely what the Outside-In philosophy is all about.

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BPM must sync with company strategy

Business Process Management (BPM) should be part of every organization’s strategic plan.

By , ITWeb’s portals deputy editor.

Johannesburg, May 2013
BPM is all about simultaneously reducing costs, growing revenues and improving customer service, says BP Group’s Steve Towers.

According to Towers, strategy means many things to many people. However, from a BPM context, it means to create a high-performance organization.
“In BPM, strategy is the ability to connect the dots from the front line to the boardroom, and demonstrate how every single activity contributes to the strategy of the organisation.”

He also pointed out that BPM is about simultaneously reducing costs, growing revenues and improving customer service.

On improving customer service, Towers noted that customer needs have changed drastically, thanks to digitisation, which means everyone is connected intimately all the time. “The customer experience is the process and we have to get scientific about the customer experience.”
He also noted that the customer should be at the centre of everything the organisation does and that organisations should work to identify factors that will not contribute to the overall success of the enterprise.

He revealed that many organisations do not understand their business processes or their customers’ needs, which is why they fail in the end. “If you don’t understand your customers, you’ll end up failing like Kodak and Nokia.”

He, therefore, urged organisations to go out of their way and be innovative in order to determine their customers’ needs.

On the other hand, he pointed out that organisations should not make promises to their customers that they will not be able to keep. “I like it when people say you have to go beyond customer expectations. That is impossible because people will always have their own standards. Rather, promise them the best service you can manage.”

Towers also urged organisations to understand and develop successful customer outcomes, create process activity lists, identify moments of truth, identify breakpoints, identify business rules, perform risk assessments, and develop action plans before managing delivery.
“The starting point will be determined by the nature of the challenge. It is, however, essential that a clear and objective understanding of customer needs is articulated. This specifically involves the needs of the customer and goes way beyond traditional voice-of-customer insights.”

Revealing a successful customer outcome project, Towers said organisations must ask: ‘Who is my customer? What is the customer’s current expectation? What is the process the customer thinks they are involved in? How does what we do impact customer success? What does the customer really need from us?’

He added that the primary purpose of crafting successful customer outcomes is creating a fundamental focus for a process or set of processes, or a complete enterprise strategy.
“Advanced BPM aka Outside-In extends way beyond the legacy inside-out thinking to create an actionable strategic and operational objective for the entire organisation.”

5. Breakpoints – The Five Steps for Reducing Costs

The Five Steps for Reducing Costs
Describe your Target – The target is the “area” we are seeking to improve. Most often this would be thought of in terms of a “process” but there is no restriction on how we define the target areas we are working on.

Identify Break Points – For the target area, all of the Break Points that exist need to be identified. They also need to be described well enough that we (and others) can easily recognize them at any time.

Describe your Actions – Describing your actions is the way you clearly identify the steps you could take to eliminate causes of work. By identifying Actions and the number of Break Points each Action will eliminate, the benefit from each Action becomes clear.

Do the Cost and Benefit Assessment – The Cost and Benefit assessment adds several items that are important in helping us build our Cost Reduction Plan. What we need to know is: How Much? How Long? How Beneficial?

Build your Cost Reduction Plan – Using the Cost and Benefit assessment we can now build our Cost Reduction Plan. We do this by choosing which Actions are to be taken, and the order they are taken in.

Let’s explore these Steps in more detail:

Step 1 – Describe your Target Area,

ideally in terms that are understandable to others in your organization. Your Target Area will often be a “process,” as this is one of the most common terms used in describing the work people do.

Step 2 – Identify Break Points.

For the target area, identify each of the Break Points that exist within it, then record them in a descriptive enough way that others (and you if you come back later) will immediately know what you mean.

Note – This may initially present a challenge as it is not something we commonly have done in the past. Persevere and do your best to identify the Break Points in your target area and enough information will be available for you to build your cost reduction plan.

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