Top 5 Must-Read CX Blogs for Every Customer Experience Professional ✅

In the digital jungle, we’re all on a safari to spot the rarest of beasts: focus! 🌿👀 Amidst the wild thicket of information, we’ve tracked down the ‘Big Five’ of blogs, as voted by our tribe of savvy members. These blogs will help you tame the wilds of business busyness with wisdom, wit, and a few well-timed roars of insight! 🦁📚

They are Rated by ACX and CPP professionals for their content, objectivity and interesting articles/research into CX and Experience Management (XM).

The most popular blogs to bookmark

Customer Bliss: Jeanne Bliss is the maestro of CX, conducting a symphony of savvy advice and dynamic strategies that’ll have your business dancing to the rhythm of improvement.

Adrian Swinscoe: Tune into Adrian’s blog for a mixtape of interviews, reviews, and riffs on CX. The backstage pass to insights will have you cheering for an encore.

Joseph Michelli: Michelli’s blog is a treasure trove of CX gems – it’s like the Swiss Army knife for customer experience aficionados! But wait, there’s more! He’s also the maestro behind a lineup of chart-topping books and the go-to guru for businesses eager to skyrocket their CX to stratospheric heights. 🚀📚

CustomerThink: Join the global huddle of business MVPs at CustomerThink, where the playbook is all about scoring big with Customer Strategy, Leadership, and Innovation.

Shep Hyken: Shep’s blog is like a power chord of customer service wisdom, strumming out amazing experiences with tips so actionable, that you’ll want to stage dive right into implementation.

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1. Criteria for Ranking: What criteria or metrics were used to determine the top five customer experience blog rankings?

The professional members of the BP Group (140K people in 137 countries) most often cite these blogs as the ones they visit most often.

Also during the annual survey (now 32 years) we specifically ask “who provides you with the best up to date and engaging information on the web?”

2. Reader Engagement: How do these blogs engage with their readership, and what kind of community interaction can one expect?

In addition to notices from the blogs, their owners also communicate with their LinkedIn followers. The information is usually directly helpful and upbeat, emphasizing the development of Customer and Experience Management.

Here are those LinkedIn connections:

Jeanne Bliss:
Adrian Swinscoe:
Joseph Michelli:
Bob Thompson:
Shep Hyken:
Steve Towers:

3. Blog Updates: How frequently do these top-ranked blogs update their content, and what is their articles’ typical length or depth?

Usually, it is easy to read one-pager, and sometimes, it connects with more in-depth resources. Some blog posters are frequently posted on Linked In and other social platforms like Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook.

Steve Towers, an expert in customer experience, enjoys spreading his enthusiasm for this field through coaching, keynote speeches, books, and social media content.

He helps companies win the triple crown – the simultaneous ability to increase revenues, decrease costs, and enhance service – through the CEMMethod® now in version 15.

With over three decades of experience working with large enterprises worldwide, Steve has distilled the successful strategies of top-performing organizations into a proprietary methodology that can be easily imparted to CX teams and executives.

His forte lies in envisioning the future of customer-centricity, customer experience, process management and realizing long-term benefits from business transformation.
Steve’s approach combines customer-focused thinking, cutting-edge technologies, and a human touch.
Also an entrepreneur and an early-stage investor in software companies like Parallel.

Steve Towers:

Changing While Achieving Stretch Goals (Case study) 👍

It’s difficult to imagine implementing significant change within a large multi-national B2B organisation while dealing with the complexities of COVID and supply chain issues. However, this case study achieves the triple crown of business benefits by increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and significantly increasing value by reducing “time to respond.”

silhouette man standing on road against sky during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on

This organisation achieved outstanding results by taking an outside-in approach to customer outcomes and driving results through goal-driven collaboration. As a result, they were able to expand on a large scale during the COVID period.

Let’s take a look at this case study:

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SAP Sales Process Optimization Team, USA

Thanks to you for a fantastic mentoring programme … I am an Outside-In fan now!
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