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The latest research into Customer Experience makes stark reading. Get the inside track and data to support your business case and upskilling for CX.

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🌎 Customer experience is a billion-dollar global opportunity – but almost every single experience is broken πŸ€” How to make money while solving for it is where Customer Journey Management+ comes in.

But what exactly is Customer Journey Management?
It’s the process of optimizing the interactions that consumers have in an experience across all touchpoints and channels.

This involves connecting the dots between customer interactions and the supporting systems and people that operate the internal processes.

Effectively you can’t be successful if you do one without the other.

By understanding the customer journey, businesses can identify pain points and areas for improvement, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, lower costs and growing revenue (the triple crown).

At CJM Plus, we offer comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to improve their customer journey. From mapping out touchpoints to implementing analytics and automation tools, we help companies seize the billion-dollar opportunity that is customer experience.

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“This course provided a terrific holistic framework for how I can more richly think about how MOTs connect to Customer Experience and Customer Journey Management. It’s a terrific program that I’d recommend and encourage Professionals to strongly consider.”

Jim Lecinski, Professor, Kellogg School of Management

(Jim is the creator of ZMOTs and Micro MOTs as a VP at Google 2006-2018)

L.G. Lavengood Outstanding Professor of the Year Award (2022)

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