Five Ways to completely Reinvent Customer Experience

The latest research into Customer Experience makes stark reading. Get the inside track and data to support your business case and upskilling for CX.

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Let’s REINVENT your #CustomerExperience which is the cornerstone to #Innovation and #Transformation.
With the advent of #AI you should be winning the #TripleCrown daily.
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How to win the Triple Crown?

Get yourself and your colleagues ‘upskilled’ with the Accredited Customer Experience Professional® to acquire the latest tools, techniques, and proven approaches to winning with Customer Experience.

The Accredited Customer Experience Professional® (ACXP):

If you want to check if your colleagues are already qualified do a search with #ACXP on Linkedin.

“(CEMMethod) provided a terrific holistic framework for how I can more richly think about how MOTs connect to Customer Experience and Customer Journey Management.”

Jim Lecinski, Professor, Kellogg School of Management
(Jim is the creator of ZMOTs and Micro MOTs as an SVP at Google 2006-2018)

L.G. Lavengood Outstanding Professor of the Year Award (2022)

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