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The discussion reviews the state of play and trends

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Now, as you already mentioned there, Ran, at the end of the day, everything comes back to customer experience. It’s the customer who creates all the work for our organizations. So it makes sense that we should be focusing our attention on how do we deliver successful customer outcomes. So in the context of generative AI, that puts our whole CX world on steroids, if you like, because many of the things that we’ve been saying for the last 15 or 20 years are now able to come to fruition in double quick time.

So with those sort of things in mind, you know, setting the sort of the scene there, you know, we’ve got, we’ve got areas, I won’t dive into detail. I’m certainly not going to go technical today, but we’ve got the areas like personalization, you know, the ability to be able to understand that our customers at a singular level.

So whether we’re a B2C, a B2B, a government, a not for profit, a charity or whatever, getting a real intimate understanding of our customers and the data associated with that allows us to really [00:01:00] personalize a service and a product we can deliver. Likewise, there’s things that we can do which have always been like, you know, we quest for 24 7 service, don’t we?

We want to deliver that for our customers, but it could become inordinately expensive. But with generative AI now, we can offer that as a service where people can interact, you know, in, in multimodal models. So, you know, through the phone, through the web, you know, through their apps and anyway they want to have a consistent set of interactions and be able to capture that in a way that seamlessly can connect with customer successes.

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