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Here’s an extract:

Here’s just one example from last week of all times where Tesla, let’s put the name out there as a warning to others, has been, over the years, the top in Net Promoter Score performance, if you like, across their particular industry. And yet at the same time, their customers are experiencing increasing issues.

See the Reuters report on Tesla’s failings: “Tesla created a secret team to suppress thousands of driving range complaints”

Poorer customer service has mapped through the number of complaints that they were receiving. So how could it be that they were being so successful with N P S compared with the rest of the industry? While at the same time the number of complaints have been increasing. And last week it was noted that people were gaming the system.

if you pay people for doing dumb stuff,
they’ll get really smart at it.

Steve Towers

Tesla not measuring up

They were doing this by attaching the NPS and Customer Satisfaction scores to bonus schemes. Hence, not surprisingly, the scores were going up, the scores were improving month on month, quarter on quarter and year on year, right? And as it says, if you pay people for doing dumb stuff, they’ll get really smart at it.

And that’s precisely part of Tesla’s problem. And this goes back, and this isn’t like one incident. This goes back six or seven years, and there are reports that you can get through the links later on. They laid off a whole bunch of staff in finance and marketing for actually gaming the system and being very selective about who they asked and who they surveyed to produce the right results.


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