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BP Group Scroll of Honor 2024 - the best people with certifications supported by the greatest mentors

Let’s celebrate with the Scroll of Honour for 2024

Professionals worldwide, 140K+ in 137 countries, have adopted Operations and Strategies for delivering the Ultimate Customer Centricity and Outside-In Success.

They have discovered the game-changing approaches within the CEMMethod® that revolutionized business thinking! “The Outside-In Strategic Matrix (OISM)” – originally developed by companies like the Virgin Group, Amazon and Apple – is your key to unlocking customer-centric success. That and 50 other tools to put all their business transformation initiatives on steroids.

Coached by more than 50+ qualified ACX Mentors, the CX and process professionals help their companies become recognised world-beaters. Recent winners of independent Awards include companies Like Siemens Gamesa, Danfoss, Veolia, Apa Nova, Gilead, Virgin and more. They all boast Accredited CX Masters® and Certified Process Professionals® in their ranks.

Here are some truly remarkable people coaching, training and executing the 2024 business challenges.

Access the one-hour video tutorial and transcript here: https://youtu.be/K4d0wSbFFpg

The CEMMethod® is the Swiss army knife of customer experience excellence

The CEMMethod®, pioneered by the BP Group and Steve Towers, represents a groundbreaking approach to Customer Experience Management (CEM). This innovative method is not just a set of tools; it’s a mindset shift, a comprehensive strategy transforming how organizations interact with their customers.

At the heart of the CEMMethod® is the belief that a deep understanding of the customer journey is crucial for business success. The method encourages businesses to look at their processes from the outside in, starting with the customer experience and working backwards to align internal processes with customer needs.

What sets the CEMMethod® apart is its holistic approach.

It integrates advanced techniques like process alignment, customer journey mapping, and moment of truth analysis, ensuring that every aspect of the customer experience is carefully considered and optimized. The ultimate goal is to create satisfied customers and true advocates for the brand.

The CEMMethod® has been applied successfully in various industries, significantly improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business performance. It’s a testament to the power of putting the customer first, and under the guidance of thought leaders like the BP Group, it continues to evolve and set new standards in customer experience excellence.

This method isn’t just about improving metrics; it’s about creating lasting, meaningful customer relationships. It’s an inspiring journey towards a future where businesses thrive by genuinely understanding and valuing their customers.

Steve Towers, Chief Experience Officer for the BPG, an expert in customer experience, enjoys spreading his enthusiasm for this field through coaching, consultancy, keynote speeches and books.

He helps companies win the triple crown – the simultaneous ability to increase revenues, decrease costs, and enhance service – through the CEMMethod, which is now in version 15.

With over three decades of experience working with large enterprises worldwide, Steve has distilled the successful strategies of top-performing organizations into a proprietary methodology that can be easily imparted to CX teams and executives.

His forte lies in envisioning the future of customer-centricity, customer experience, process management and realizing long-term benefits from business transformation. Steve’s approach combines customer-focused thinking, cutting-edge technologies, and a human touch.

Steve is also an entrepreneur and an early-stage investor in software companies like Parallel.

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