During 2023 one in five CX programmes will disappear entirely

The latest research into Customer Experience Management makes stark reading. get the inside track and data to support your business case for CX.

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This is what Forrester is predicting. Not just any pip squeak research company. When a CX authority says something like that, you must sit up and pay attention.

Ask yourself why this might be the case, and quickly, you will realise many CX initiatives are not adequately connected to delivering business benefits. Have you secured your CX efforts to win the triple crown (simultaneously growing revenues, reducing costs, and improving service)?
If you haven’t, you may become that one in five.

Here’s some of the latest research from CX authorities (with several interesting data points).

Five Predictions For The Future Of Customer ExperienceForbeshttps://bit.ly/Forbes5predictionsBy 2030, customers will expect brands to anticipate their needs before they arise.
The Gartner Predictions for 2023: The Top Customer Experience TrendsGartnerhttps://bit.ly/Gartner_PredictsBy 2025, more than half of B2B organizations will use AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes.
IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Customers and Consumers 2022 PredictionsIDChttps://bit.ly/IDCPredictsBy 2024, 35% of brands will openly incentivize consumers to share personal data in exchange for cash rewards, services, and exclusive experiences.
Top future of customer experience predictions for 2023Forresterhttps://bit.ly/Forrester_Predicts2023During 2023 one in five CX programs will disappear entirely
7 Contact Center Predictions for 2023 and BeyondCustomer Thinkhttps://bit.ly/CustomerThink_PredictsBy 2023, employee experience will overtake customer experience as the leading “experience” focus and investment.
NPS has run its course

The Customer Experience organisations that win every time

The thriving CX initiatives connect their efforts with business benefits in everything they do. This gets the continual and sustained support of the top team. Abandon those flakey metrics and aim to get more scientific about the customer experience.

How to win the Triple Crown?

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