Incredible opportunities for transformation with AI in Customer Experience

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During our research into the application of ChatGPT into Customer Experiences, and as a prelude to the launch of the new qualification “Certified Journey Management Professional (CJMP),” we were amazed at how rapidly organizations are integrating AI capability into their core experiences.

I have included just three examples here of CX next practice, with references for those wishing to dive deep (hundreds of use cases),

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  • ChatGPT can be deployed to create an automated customer service chatbot that offers speedy and precise solutions to frequently asked queries [1].

    This can prove immensely beneficial for businesses that receive many inquiries, improving their efficiency and rapidity.
  • ChatGPT’s natural language processing abilities can be utilized to examine customer feedback, deriving useful conclusions about frequent criticisms, recommendations, and developments [2]. Businesses can consider this data to make informed decisions and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • ChatGPT can offer individualized customer support through a conversational interface, which renders resolving matters or answering questions more convenient and faster [3].

These are merely a few of the potential applications of this technology.

It’s important to note that the specific industry and company will depend on the customer types, organization maturity, and business needs. However, the impact of ChatGPT on customer experiences is significant, with 67% of consumers worldwide now using chatbots for customer support [4]



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