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Upgrading your skills and delivery for 2018 will determine your success.
Advance beyond functional industrial age thinking to Outside-In customer-centric practices. Tried and tested this program is a direct descendant of the CPP program with now over 90,000 qualified individuals across 116 countries.

So if understanding and applying the techniques and methods deployed in Apple, Amazon, Zappos, Zara, Emirates and BMW compels you to adopt the ‘next practice’ approaches come and join us in a city near you through 2018:

Johannesburg ACXM

Orlando ACXM

13-15 March 2018

26-29 March 2018

Dubai Masters ACXM 8-11 April 2018
Dubai UAE ACX Champion 15-17 April 2018
Sydney ACXM 28-31 May 2018
New York ACXM 10-13 Sep 2018
Denver ACXM

Washington DC ACXM

17-20 Sep 2018

9-12 Oct 2-18

Washington DC ACX Champs 15-17 Oct 2018
London ACXM 10-13 Dec 2018

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The BPGroup Accredited Customer Experience Masters® (ACXM) Program takes BPM & CEM Training to an entirely new level.

Become an Accredited Customer Experience Master (ACX Master®) through learning and experiencing the most practical, successful and proven toolkit for customer-centric change

For 2018…

> New Case Studies > 60+ takeaway techniques > 90+ help videos > Fully revised CEMMethod (version 11) > CX Rating (4E’s) integration > All material provided > Dedicated Professional User Group > Ongoing webinars

The Accredited Customer Experience Professional/Master difference

This premier series is designed for those seeking advanced professional skills in customer experience and process management, CX improvement, CX alignment, customer centricity, and innovation.
These are the Outside-In Customer Experience Management, BPM Methods, and Techniques that Deliver!

  • Uncover CX/Process Improvement opportunities in just hours
  • Identify Actions that will improve customer experience and associated processes by 15% to 40% within 20 days of deployment
  • Integrate and Evolve methods such as BPM, Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence to Outside-In thinking and practice
  • Delight your Customers (making them your greatest advocates) through Successful Customer Outcomes and Customer Experience Management
  • Innovate to compete, set the market trend and even dominate your industry
  • Advance Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction to the next level
  • Release significant costs, improve revenues and enhance service (win the Triple Crown) immediately

See more information here, or book directly to a city of your choice:
Johannesburg | Orlando Dubai  | Dubai  | Sydney  | New York  Denver | Washington DC |  Washington DC Champs London


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BPM, Balanced Scorecard, EA and High Performance (presentation)

At a recent performance appraisal this comment was made seriously,
“If you pay me for doing dumb things, I will get really smart at doing dumb things”.

Do you measure people with ‘dumb’ metrics – activities and outputs, or with Outside In measures of results and outcomes? If Balanced Scorecards (BSC) and Strategy Maps fail it is largely as a consequence of having dumb metrics in there – activities and outputs.

So how can we measure the right things and encourage success? Instead of people rushing to deal with a call (because all calls must be less than 2 minutes) how do we measure the meeting of a customer need – effective resolution of a query? Using the appropriate process and performance metrics within an articulated Enterprise Architecture is a good starting point. This presentation leads us to the how of that. Enjoy.

Organisational Behavioral Aspects of BPM Implementation.

In 2008 Pieter Jongstra (Enterprise Architect) shared some of the secrets of SNS Bank Organisational Behavioral Aspects of BPM Implementation.  Great insight to help with the whole issue of BPM and change management. SNS is no different from any other large organisation coping with the 21st century – for instance this is the Business Operating Model.

 You can download the presentation from this link.
In a few weeks time the BP Group will be twenty years old. As part of the celebration we are publishing an article a day – all are evergreen and provide an insight as valuable today as when they were originally published. As we move towards September 19th we will bring the story up to date with a preview of the upcoming book – The High Performance Organisation (Samir Asaf & Steve Towers).

John Zachman at Architect World 2012

Great conference, fantastic people. 27 Countries recieved 25 Awards in the Architect Worlds 7th Annual Conference in Bangalore.

iCMG hosted the event which has become a truly international festival of achievement.
You can review the full proceedings at

Here’s a few snaps of yours truly 😉

John Zachman is an inspriation to all

 John Zachman receives his Hall of Fame Award
And honestly it was THIS BIG!!

BPM and Process Excellence is changing the world

Join the growing number of monthly readers following Steve Towers and his BPM column on the PEX network, BPM Leader and the BP Group – 8,600 strong now and growing.
Steve has consistently received great reviews by his clients and readers and it seems people are telling their colleagues to check these columns out. 
Steve is the founder and CEO of the BP Group (established in 1992), a Keynote speaker and workshop leader with the PEX Network, and featured author on the BPM Leaders blog.  He is the author of FIVE books on business process and performance transformation and is a member of the prestigious California based BPM Forum.
Because of his activities with the BP Group, leading international corporates, including Citi, Apple, Disney, Zara and many others, Steve can be found always at the pragmatic leading edge of what is going on in Advanced BPM and Outside-In.   He believes that his work with these organisations and his exposure to a broad range of situations through global leaders and their approaches provides insight into the problems and issues leading BPM professionals face every day. 

Steve says that these experiences have caused him to look at BPM in a remarkable way. As the catalyst for global transformation BPM and process excellence is the means to realign our organisations on behalf of its employees and customers to achieve spectacular results.
If you’d enjoy sharing some of the insights and the secrets of 21st century organisation success you will enjoy his columns.

You can find Steve’s latest columns at on:


Links to Enterprise BPM and Process Transformation resources

Where do you go for uptodate and relevant resources for Enterprise BPM and Outside-In?

Here’s a collection utilised by Certified Process Professionals with an acletic mix of tools, techniques, downloads, videos and links to key people in the world of process and customer transformation.

If you have an additional link do let us know.

1 BP Group website
2 BP Group on Linkedin
3 Coaching in Customer Expectation Management & BPM
4 Certified Process Professional web
5 Enterprise BPM Outside-In blog
6 BPGroup blog
7 BP Group slideshows
8 Twitter!/stowers
9 Videos on the theme of Enterprise BPM & Outside-In
10 Resources and people involved in BPM & Outside-In
11 BPM & Outside-In consultancy website
12 Outside-In. The Secret of the 21st century successful companies

Outside-In – The Secret keynote from Bangalore

Keynote address delivered in Bangalore at the 6th Annual Enterprise & IT Architecture conference hosted by iCMG. Updated and revised for the 5th edition of the book “Outside-In – The Secret”

The convergence of BPM, Enterprise Architecture and Customer alignment

If you are new to this debate you might want to join EA Connections, chaired by Steve Melville who penned the following words….

Your value proposition sets expectations with potential customers. The more compelling your value proposition, the larger the pool of potentially interested customers and the fewer competitors that can match it. So, the goal is to create product and service offerings that set expectations that more customers find compelling and few competitors can match. In so doing, you have re-set the bar for customer expectations within your market and created the foundation for your organization’s success.

But here’s the catch… you have to deliver against those expectations. One failure and you begin to lose your customer’s trust. You lower their expectations with your actions, regardless of your lofty initial promises of value. And, with the explosion of social networking, blogs, 24 hour news channels, online reviews, etc., any failure to deliver against expectations, gets broadcast pretty quickly. Ask BP or Toyota what happens when you fail to meet customer expectations of safety.

So… to match the high expectations of your value proposition, the delivery processes of your organization need to consistently meet those expectations. And it is in the design and deployment of those delivery processes that the critical dependency on EA surfaces. For, in the 21st Century, such processes are heavily dependent on technology:

eCommerce and online support sites, mobile applications, ERP systems, RDBMS, SOA, SANs, etc. And not just some delivery processes, Outside-In companies recognize that the entire enterprise needs to be focused on delivering successful customer outcomes.

So the challenge becomes to align all of the process, application, information and technology resources across the entire enterprise to deliver successful customer outcomes in order to support higher and higher customer expectations. And alignment is the sweet spot of enterprise architecture. EA is the right fit because both its sweep (across the entireenterprise) and its scope (processes, information, application, and the technology that supports them) match the demands of the Operational Framework Layer of the Outside-In enterprise.

Come on down to the Linkedin discussions:
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