The 3 Most Frustrating things about those people who love Quotes

Stay with me for this one. James Dodkins says he just cut n pasted the best CX Quotes into his cornerstone work of 365 CX Quotes. He didn’t because I was there to see the process… try this google ‘Great Quotes’* and you will have some idea of the size of the task in hand.

* It produces results of nearly two billion. 😱

And we all know that 95% of those are dross. So that leaves just 10 million half ways decent ones to get it down to 365 which itself is a herculean task. However he did it, and you can get the results for free (see the link below). One a day CX quotes to brighten the dullest day. And without the dross.

Talking of arrogance and dross produced a really nice quote from that brilliant sci-fi guy, Isaac Asimov.

Let’s just say, like some of us, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly…

Now I would have included that, but I also know James Dodkins hates with a passion sci-fi. Don’t mention Star Trek, Star Wars, or Space Rangers. You will become persona non gratis 😂 Hence Isaac isn’t in this book…..

Even so, this book is an inspiration.
Open it at random and you might get your thoughts changed for a day or two. Or treat it like a 365-day advent calendar and regale your friends with a quote a day for a year – no don’t do that, it is too nerdy.

Here are a couple of fine examples.

I especially like this one. Been there and done that way too often.

Here’s a link that will get you this work of a genius (OK then, the work of the CX RockStar)

Catch you soon!

Steve Towers

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