LIVE online Outside-In with Steve Towers & Partners

I can’t believe it is this simple…

4 Minute overview of the content of the 6 sessions over 6
weeks at 3 hours per week

Hi Steve here, as an aside I first ran these sessions in December last year and they were very well received, despite being on a Sunday, so ignore my comment in the first few seconds about Sunday because they are through the week as well.

You will join for 3 hours per week in a live interactive video call and put to work the techniques I review in the video. Immediately usable with colleagues (near or far) you will innovate new approaches to work as we all grapple with our new normals.

Available across the planet in time zone friendly sessions – watch the overview and click the links below to review the detail and register.

See you on the inside! (I mention Sunday training but that is up to you)

Please keep safe in our new normal and I hope to see you soon in the online sessions! (Live, interactive and hands-on with real case studies).

FOUR fundamental questions regarding CX and Outside-In?

Interviewed by on the theme of Outside-In.
Here a few 2-3 minute chunks- do feel free to download and share, oh and sign-up for cos I know there are some excellent interviews coming up, the most recent with ex Zappos evangelist, Jon Wolske.


What and
Who is
What do
companies do
Where to start
with Outside-In
How to turn a

If you are more patient than me you can review the full Outside-In interview over atย


PS. Updated the portal – go have a look…