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A STRUCTURED step by step GUIDE to understanding and acting on REAL Customer Needs. This webinar features the rarest alchemy of converting customer experiences into precious metal.

Steve Towers walks you through a case-study in the creation of two pivotal tools, the Outside-In Strategic Matrix (OISM) and the Successful Customer Outcome Canvas (SCOC).

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Developing a consensus and subsequent action plan is key to success. Watch how one airline delivers Successful Customer Outcomes. 

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The CX Secrets to be Revealed include

any process and CX to a customer-centric model

How to use a powerful template that gets full collaboration

How to create an agreed understanding of the REAL CX within 2-3 hours


SECRET #2: HOW TO IDENTIFY and AGREE the real customer needs (even when they don’t know them!)
How to quickly focus on REAL needs and create an agreed framework to share with everyone involved with the CX and linked processes


SECRET #3: HOW TO ACTION a clearly defined SMART set of metrics that guide your work
How to create a definitive set of METRICS that align everything you do to quickly deliver and sustain Successful Customer Outcomes


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And then…       When you have the SECRETS I will then introduce you to the Accredited Customer Experience Masters (ACXM) program. The global certified qualification in 116 countries!

How to Avoid the Metrics Trap AND FREE book

Guest this week is CX Guru, James Dodkins:

Download James Dodkins latest book ‘Foundations for Customer Centricity’ and learn how the very best companies avoid the Metrics Trap

I saw a quote the other day about how increasing testing won’t improve education and It made me think of the parallels between that and business.

Too many times we think in order to get better we need tighter measures over our everyday tasks and activities. However in actuality, the most successful organisations on the planet think more like a football (soccer) team and are more interested in the measures that directly impact success, the most important being the score.

So next time you find yourself wanting to increase your measures maybe you could take a football (soccer) team view and measure less but more important things.

Download James Dodkins latest book ‘Foundations for Customer Centricity’ and learn how the very best companies avoid the Metrics Trap

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Address: 124 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DX

4. Moments of Truth, metrics and dashboards

4. Moments of Truth, metrics and dashboards
Consider a dashboard of MOT’s across the organization. Ownership can be assigned to each and every MOT and they can be actively managed to progressively improve the process. For any process that deserves to exist there is an optimum number of MOT’s to achieve a Successful Customer Outcome (SCO).  What would be the theoretical optimum? One MOT. It is however rare to find that animal, so at a pragmatic level what should be the optimum?
A direct relationship exists between the technology that supports a process, the peoples skill and competence and the clear objective articulation of an SCO. Lower levels of organization maturity (technology, people, process) result in higher numbers of MOT’s. This in turn creates higher costs, poorer service and less than optimal performance.
On a scale of 1-10 (1 bad, 10 good) how developed and supportive is the technology, people skills and SCO development?

A typical dashboard with MOT’s includes metrics such as: Amount, Type, Ownership, Alignment, Trend, Ratio and Impact. We will explain and discuss the latter two later.