Process Excellence in Australia and New Zealand

With just a few days to go Australia is gearing up for the Annual Process Excellence conference in Sydney. Along side the unique and exclusive case studies there is networking and exchanging of stories covering process, performance, customer experience management and the digital customer. 

In addition to the networking and learning there is also the Annual Awards process. The categories are extensive including: 


·     Best Improvement Deployment Project – Large Organisation Award
·     Best Deployment Leader Of The Year Award
·     Best Customer-Experience Improvement Initiative Of The Year Award
·     Business Transformation CEO of the Year
·     Young Business Improvement Practitioner of the Year

In 2014  I had the pleasure of presenting Dr. Morgan Jones (Executive

Manager at Commonwealth Bank) with the Award for Biggest Contribution to Business Improvement Industry in Australasia, and Business Improvement Manager of the Year. Morgan has also been acknowledged in 2013 with fellowship in the Institute of Mechanical Engineers to reinforce his standing in both Australia and on the world stage.

Join Morgan and other leading process professionals at this years 10th Process Excellence event:

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PEXNetwork articles from Steve Towers, CEO at the BP Group
PEXNetwork articles from James Dodkins, CCO at the BP Group Videos and case studies – many less than 5 mins for quick consumption 🙂

Is Process Excellence growing/declining?

Great question posed in Lean Six Sigma and Process Excellence by Vijay Bajaj. There are several indicators and one of the leading is the amount of internet interest. So let’s look at some stats courtesy of Google.

 (Blue BPM, Red SixSigma)

So at first glance BPM is in the ascendency, SIx Sigma declining, however let’s factor in Lean for the same period against BPM.

This time we see BPM flat against a more volatile Lean, however Lean had its greatest interest back in 2007.

A much more interesting trend, which impacts all three aspects of Process Excellence is the recent emergence of Customer Experience Management. WIth progressive PEX types pushing the boundaries of process Outside-In rapidly, the migration to “the customer experience is the process” seems well established.

 Is CEM the natural evolution of PEX? It certainly seems so.

Customers and Outside In

Warming up for the PEX annual conference in Florida in a few weeks 🙂 It really is the BEST conference in North America and we’ll be reviewing the content shortly (see for a Preview)

BP GROUP SOAPBOX 2: Six Sigma caused the global recession.

In a slight digression we have unearthed some very emotive discussions. Has the agenda really shifted this much?

The Soapbox series is designed to be provactive and let people air their views in a mutually respectful place. You may not agree, and all the better for it, so explain your perspective and share your commitment to transforming the planet!