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A terrific mix of in-house accreditation and audit, consultancy and good plain old training. Government, Financial Services, Aerospace, Retail and Pharma.
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The Science of the Customer Experience

The new site featuring Customer Experience has gone live:

You can access and download the resources that will provide an overview of the value of becoming scientific about the Customer Experience. Meanwhile Customer Experience Mapping gets a kick in the pants as we integrate ABACUS (the BPGroup toolkit) to demonstrate a generic process across several channels.

Those infernal Moments of Truth and the Customer Experience


Every Customer Experience has interactions. The customer facing ones are Moments of Truth – make or break for the relationship. 
Here’s an overview of MOTs

The ALL new CEMMethod – a way of creating and managing the Customer Experience


An overarching approach to creating, managing and delivering the customer experience. 
Here is the all new CEMMethod:

We have got to get scientific about the Customer Experience (CX)

Customers have become sophisticated, promiscuous, rebellious, choosey and have access to more information than ever before. In fact they know more about your products and services than you do!

Make real the mantra “the customer experience is the process” and let’s get scientific about CX. Join with us as we explore this virgin territory on the way to gaining a true and real understanding of CX across all walks of life. Beyond process and performance we will seek collaboration and turn thoughts into leadership, dreams into action and learning into experience.

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The Customer Experience is the Process – do you really believe that?

The Customer Experience is the Process. What does that really mean and how can that help us reduce costs, grow revenues and improve the customer delivery (at the same time). In this first short presentation James Dodkins (BP Groups Chief Customer Officer) provides us with an understanding.