Qualifications in Customer Experience 2021 🥉

CX Qualification in 2021 – review here ✅

A summary with links…

Download the PDF version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjmzivamdln711y/GlobalCX_courses_2021.pdf?dl=0

Beginner classes… (scroll down for Advanced classes)

Name of CourseAccredited Customer Experience Specialist (ACXS)Accredited Customer Experience Professional (ACXP)
Course OutlineA new customer experience training and certification program designed specifically for customer experience professionals who need powerfully simple and immediately impactful tools, techniques, frameworks and mindsets that when applied will radically improve the experience that their company delivers to their customers, gaining a lasting advantage in their industry. Now available online, on demand, on your terms. Modular covers the themes of Customer Categorisation, Reframing from Inside-out (Industrial Age) to Outside-In (Customer Age), Includes Successful Customer Outcomes and developing the CX justification and frameworks for Success.
Duration3 Days2 Days
Presentation TypeVideo on DemandInroom or Live Online, Open or Inhouse
Accredited or NotYesYes
Date of Exam (All)No Exam – Practical Exercise based reviewed by Coach * 
Link to Access course detailshttps://bit.ly/ACXS2021https://bit.ly/ACXMaster
Year inaugrated20182015
Delivery (all programs)Direct with the BP Group and Global Partner network (124 countries with 40+ partners)

Advanced Classes (scroll to the top to see beginner classes)

Name of CourseAccredited Customer Experience Master (ACXM)Accredited Customer Experience Champion (ACXC)
Course OutlineBuilds on the ACXP to include modules  reviewing CX Innovation, CX ROI and Winning the Triple Crown, CX Lifecycle – The ABACUS Framework ,  The Customer Performance Landscape, CX Maturity, CX Dashboard – Connecting the Dots – from the front line to the board room, CX Attitude, Behaviour and Culture, Developing tomorrows enterprise – Teams & Structures and the CX Launch Pad – Where to Start and North Star Alignment with the CX Management Office (includes digitization)Builds on the ACXM and covers the themes of Enterprise CX Transformation through the lens of CX Strategy (what is Next Practice, what models are proven and successful, and how CX delivery is fundamentally different) Leadership looks at the practical approaches developed in winning organisations and distills Best Practices. Finally we cover CX Execution. How to scale from singular experiences and processes to a complete ecosystem
Duration4 days (includes ACXP)3 days
Presentation TypeInroom or Live Online, Open or InhouseInroom or Live Online, Open or Inhouse
Accredited or NotYesYes
Date of Exam (All)  
Link to Access course detailshttps://bit.ly/ACXMasterhttps://bit.ly/ACXC2021
Year inaugrated20152016

Download the PDF version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjmzivamdln711y/GlobalCX_courses_2021.pdf?dl=0

Recent Testimonials

Thank you for your great work and knowledge that you so openly share #thankyou #acxm🙏🏽 Kamani Naidoo, South Africa

Thank you Steve Towers for an awesome week of masterful learning.
Can’t wait to attend your next class! Victoria Weaver, United States

Wow!!! Thank you so much for all the foundation that you have laid for this great achievement at different levels of my career life. I will forever be grateful for your contributions in this regard! Stay Blessed!!!
Mashaba Mulaudzi, South Africa

Let me take this opportunity to thank Mr Steve. Your teachings are timeless and they stick perfectly and forever in our minds. We shall never forget you wherever we find ourselves on this planet. Thank you so much, Steve 🙏
Benignus Otmar, Tanzania

Thanks Steve for such an excellent program, the dedicated manner you use to share with us your wonderful knowledge and wisdom in CX, and time to response all our questions! God bless you, thanks a lot!
Yanese Angeles, Dominican Republic

Thanks again Steve. Not only have you been a fantastic mentor to me but you have taught me how to mentor others. Thanks for being so supportive and getting me through. Chandan Chhabra, Delhi, India

Another fantastic learning, personal and professional development experience with you! Lyall Shapiro, Australia

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