Customer Experience Management (CEM) definition

Honestly, someone has got a grip on this. How can a definition be so difficult to come by? They are either soft, fluffy and meaningless or, try as they might, nothing to actually do with delivering successful customer outcomes. So there you have it, and here is the definitive definition:

Customer Experience Management (CEM or CXM) is a strategic approach used most commonly as a competitive differentiator. It involves aligning every aspect of an organisation towards the delivery of customer needs and successful outcomes no matter how far removed the customer is perceived to be.
This includes:
          Customer journey – what the customer does, expects and feels.
          Customer Interactions.
          Supporting internal process.
          Associated team and hierarchy structures.
          Performance metrics.
          Digital capabilities.
          Vision, mission & strategy.

Typically companies who engage in Customer Experience Management activities out perform those who do not.


“We have got to get more scientific about the Customer Experience”

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