The Customer Experience is the Process – how can you do that?

James Dodkins, CCO BP Group

Marketer’s are fond of segmenting customers by circumstance, for instance, where you live, your age profile and median salary. This approach is very limiting and only provides sparse information on what are the real Needs of the customer. For that we need a little more science and understand those requirements by identifying the successful customer outcome. 

This leads us to Categorizing by Need. So for instance a potential customer in the experience of either buying, renting or servicing a car might be ‘tech savvy’ or ‘silver surfer’ or ‘time is money’ people.  We can drill down into specific needs and identify how to operate the underpinning workflow systems, necessary interactions, people skills and so on.

We can summarize this into a handy grid we call the Customer Categorization approach (a handy tool created by BP Groups CCO James Dodkins

Naturally you should try this for yourselves and if you want to get professional about it join us on one of our upcoming CPP classes where we discuss, try out and prove 50+ other techniques as part of the CEMMethod™ approach. You will go away with a working template of how to deliver customer centricity and outside-in for you and your organization.

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