5 Immediate Comprehensive Tools for You to Absolutely Become Outside-In

Get Your Hands-on double-quick with these five tools that enable you and your company to become Outside-In. In this five-day rapid-fire series access the tools that help you to become truly customer-centric from the Outside-In.

When the Book Outside-In The Secret was written more than a decade ago few of us could have appreciated the profound impact it would have globally for so many organizations. It is with great pleasure I now share some of the key differentiators for people embracing the Outside-In view of the world with this 5-day mini-series ‘Outside-In Concepts Party’.

Companies like Amazon, Zappos, Emirates, BMW, Southwest Airlines, Gilead Sciences, and Uber have redefined their industries. Find out how and make their success your own.

See the one-minute preview and get immediate access to the five-day mini-series ‘Outside-in Concepts Party’. You won’t regret it 👍


Five Sessions Reviewing the most practical tools for Outside-In success

PS. There are FIVE mini videos to show you how!

Do you want to embrace advanced Customer-Centric thinking and become Outside-In?


👉 Step #1 – Review the upskilling options to become an ACX Professional & ACX Master: https://lnkd.in/dANgYX59

👉 Step #2 – Get The Book: Outside-In The Secret *FREE*  https://bit.ly/OI2021now

👉 Step #3 – Connect With The Community: https://linktr.ee/SteveTowers

👉 Step #4 – Keep Pace with Change: Recent Keynote – The Hard Benefits of XM | https://cemnext.com/xmroi2023

👉 Step #5 – Review the Testimonials Accredited Customer Experience Professional – BPG (bpgroup.org)