The 5 most popular Lean Six Sigma Articles

Google tells us that lean thinking and practice has had its heyday. However, the overlay of ‘digital everything’ makes processes more important than ever, so what are the leading Lean Six Sigma articles of the last 12 months?

5th: Why Lean Six Sigma is a necessity in every industry

Intelligence Quality
Intelligence Quality is a Management and Business consulting firm that specializes in Lean and Six Sigma strategies. 

“There is a false notion about Lean Six SIgma wherein it is a waste of money to incorporate the concept in the company, however, one fails to realize that like any other department, Lean Six Sigma is a necessary method that every industry must follow in order to rectify their financial curve.”

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4th: 5 Process Improvement Strategy Trends of Future-Ready Firms | AccountingWEB

Dustin Hostetler

Dustin Hostetler is a Lean Six Sigma consultant and shareholder of Boomer Consulting Inc.  As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with extensive experience working inside a large regional CPA firm, he has taken proven Lean techniques from the manufacturing floor and tailored them to bring groundbreaking value to public accounting firms

“The firms that have been comfortable with status quo, quite frankly, are going to be rudely awakened as the intersection of technology and process continues to change the game around them. I can’t help but think of companies like Blockbuster and Kodak that were at one time comfortable with the status quo.”

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3rd: The 8 forms of deadly waste in LSS

As a provider of LSS services and resources Scmula helps people ‘get’ techniques and approaches, tried, tested and proven.

“Lean Six Sigma is one of the most advanced and effective methodologies available for business process improvement and optimization. It is especially adept in battling a wide range of problems and inefficiencies. To help better understand and deal with waste, this approach classifies them into the 8 Forms of Deadly Waste. This classification is important because it makes waste much easier to uncover and then eradicate. It also helps you identify environmental improvement opportunities.”

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2nd: The Amazingly Awesome list of LSS books

GoLeanSixSigma (May 2017)

One of the leading providers of training in the space periodically publishes ‘books most read’.

“What’s a good book to read if you want to succeed at process improvement? Is Lean Six Sigma all about manufacturing? Are there any about the service industry? HealthcareGovernment?…”

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1st: Lean Six Sigma is everywhere


This one for March 2017…

“Do you ever walk into a store and know at a glance where to find what you need? Do you notice that seemingly long lines can often move really quickly? Do you find yourself wondering why things don’t go horribly wrong more often? Lean Six Sigma is at work!”

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