Customer Experience Management takes centre stage

Is Customer Experience Management (CEM) a real thing for your company, or just more fluff and nonsense talked of but not delivered? 

Last week I chaired a remarkable one day event in Sydney Australia. The theme “Customer Centricity Innovation Lab” seemed interesting but there was no real indication of the difference we were about to experience. 

Hon. Victor Dominello MP Minister for
Innovation & Better Regulation

From the get go the first speaker, The Hon. Victor Michael Dominello MP – Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation for NSW (yes you did read that correct). Innovation and Better Regulation?! 

What seems like a paradox and conflict is in fact an essential for better government and rather than Innovation falling foul of all the red tape working the two hand in hand makes sure the regulations become aligned to encouraging customer/citizen success. Victor related a recent story of work in the Northern Territories that delivered precisely the benefits needed. 

What a terrific way to start the Innovation Lab and so refreshing to hear from a politician actually being more busy doing and delivering than promising and debating. We should all be so lucky to have MP’s of this calibre and application!  

In a packed day of round-tables and talks seventeen session mentors shared their experiences across all industry sectors. One theme rules them all – the customer and our organisations ability to align to Successful Customer Outcomes.

Dirk Dalichau, Chief Operating Officer,  Ovolo Group

The business keynote was an incredible insight into the changing world of hospitality from Dirk Dalichau, Chief Operating Officer, Ovolo Group (Hong Kong). 

If you have stayed at a hotel for leisure or business you would love this presentation. Dirk focused on those Moments of Truth everyone experiences in a hotel and how Ovolo, by taking the Outside-In perspective innovated their offering to something quite exceptional. 

By way of example Dirk walked us through the customer experience and the impact of people recruitment – how about a party as the main piece of your recruitment interview? 

I have just booked my next stay in Sydney – guess where? 1888 Hotel, Darling Harbour to sample Ovolo Groups Australia offering. Watch this space for my report.

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