Process Transformation (PT). What is the meaning of that?

Process Transformation (PT). What is the meaning of that?
Let’s try three versions:
1.     Process exists to be transformed. But when we say transformed how high is the bar? 20%, 30% improvement or more? And what are we measuring when we say PT. Is it elapsed time, touch time or actual real metrics important for business success like cost, revenue and service?     Process is a collection of tasks and activities aimed at achieving clearly defined outputs. So PT sets out to turn the existing Tasks and Activities upside-down and completely realign everything towards achieving Successful Customer Outcomes? Really.
Or is PT just a fancy name for the latest version of Lean or Six Sigma?
3.     Process itself has changed its spots. Someone famous once said “the customer experience is the process”. For those who worship at that alter of process PT represents a means to the end. That is to truly make process subservient to delivering customer success, and as such that embraces incremental and radical ideals. 
Those organizations who get it and achieve results others think are magic understand the third point.
PT is, at the end of the day, all about delivering Successful Customer Outcomes, consistently without exception.