Outside-In and CEM books

The 2006 book Customer Expectation Management – Success without Exception, identified global leading best practices and lessons from the worlds top performing companies.
We have now harnessd these best practices into a set of practical and easy to use toolkits and education services which will help you transform the way processes work forever.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the book! It really helped tie together various concepts and practices I have been evolving towards over a number of years, crystallizing them into a simple but powerful framework.  Steve Melville, Director, Oracle, USA.

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In 2010 the book Outside In The Secret galvanized global leading corporations to redefine their view of business, and in doing create clear water between themselves and their competitors. In redrawing the business map companies progressively with the Triple Crown as they simultaneously reduce costs, grow revenues and enhance customer services.
It is a copernican shift in the way people do business.

You will never think of business in the same way again.

See the book on Amazon.