Australia and the land of drugged slugs

Get this. Australia is a beautiful country. Its people are fantastic. But their internet sucks big time. As a frequent visitor to the land downunder I travel its major cities and this last two weeks have stayed in three major 4.5-5 star hotels in Sydney.

Guess what – it is like stepping back in time to the 1990’s with internet/broadband speeds that can best be described as a drug slug. Worse than that it is capped and charged at ridiculous prices. Extortion I would say.

Look how can a developed nation hope to compete internationally when it throttles the life blood of communication?

My hotel room should have lights, AC, hot and cold water and yes an internet connection that actually works. So sorry to my customers, colleagues and family. I am back in the dark ages thinking about communicating with smoke signals and cave art.

Will it stop me coming to Australia? Probably not.

Will it stop me transferring and recommending business here? Most definitely yes.
Come on Australia – join the rest of us in the 21st century please.