This week a large part of the BP Group team and leaders are in Florida for the annual PEX conference.

There is still time to register: and also sign-up for the
Certifed Process Professional Levels 1 and 2 program!
This is the place to network, learn and explore all that is process from the leading organizations, practitioners and Guru’s.
As the week unfolds we’ll be bringing you highlights and snippets. 
Hopefully see you there, all the Best


New www.bpgroup. org features FIVE Outside-In Blogs

The BPGroups new website now features five blogs from leading thinkers and CPP Masters in the field of Enterprise BPM & Outside-In.

To visit the blogs: click and review the drop down menu -enjoy!

Successful Customer Outcomes
Steve Towers – 160 articles on the theme of Outside-In

BP Community
the original BPM community – Events, Resources, community & Links

Outside-In from Janne Ohtonen
Words from the wise from the author of OIDash

The Process Ninja
Craig Reid Scottish through and through however now from down-under

OutsideIn Service Management
Ian Clayton shows us the way with Service Management

If you recognise a good Outside-In location let us know: