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Successful Customer Outcomes
Steve Towers – 160 articles on the theme of Outside-In

BP Community
the original BPM community – Events, Resources, community & Links

Outside-In from Janne Ohtonen
Words from the wise from the author of OIDash

The Process Ninja
Craig Reid Scottish through and through however now from down-under

OutsideIn Service Management
Ian Clayton shows us the way with Service Management

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BPMC Research Newsletter 12/2011 – from Finland and Janne Ohtonen

Hi and Merry Christmas!
I just wanted to let you know that my research plan has advanced and now I am moving forward to collecting empirical data. The idea is to use Design Science to build and evaluate a BPMC artifact. It will be tool, which helps organizations to evaluate their capabilities for doing business process management and possible to get recommendations for actions to take to improve their situation.
I will collect empirical data with three methods: interviews, surveys and case organizations. First I will collect vital information for building the artifact with interviewing top BPM professionals in the world. After that I will continue getting more information through survey, which will be used to analyze the dependencies between BPMC factors. After that I will take that tool into some case organizations and try it out to see if it actually works.
So, there is a lot to do in the upcoming year 2012 and hopefully I will have some results to share with you soon. I already did my first interview today and hope to receive more in next few weeks.
Here is couple of acknowledgements that I want to share with you: Thank you for dr. Timo Lainema, professor Hannu Salmela, dr. Peter Trkman, dr. Klara Palmberg Broryd (check out:, Tuukka Heinonen (Hubco) and all the rest of you that have been helping me to succeed in this endeavor. There is still plenty to do, but I am on the right track towards Phd.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
Best regards,
Janne Ohtonen
Dissertation work:  “BPMC – Business Process Management Capabilities”