Why do so many organizations struggle to become truly customer-centric?

Failing with customer centricity

I’m going to do a bit of “Q&A” today.

First question…
QUESTION: Why do so many organizations struggle to become truly customer centric?

Production line thinking passed its sell-by date?

ANSWER: They are using an out of date mindset. The thinking is borrowed from the industrial age when optimising production and throughput was the thing. That way of thinking is about production management, efficiency, effectiveness and elimination of waste. Does that feel familiar? 
Next question…

QUESTION: What is (probably) the biggest hurdle to overcome on the way to becoming Outside-In?

Hurdles to Outside-In thinking

ANSWER: It is getting passed this industrial age mindset and all the things that come with it… our reward structures… our approach to employee engagement… the processes and systems…
Alright, one more…

QUESTION: If listening to the customer is so important what is ‘best practice’?

Do you really understand customer needs?

ANSWER: Often times many companies are trying to drive forward by only looking in the rear view mirror. That is listening to subjective perceptual feedback, rather than at every interaction 100% of the time.

The GOOD news is…
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Cheers for now!

PS. We have got to get more scientific about the customer experience!
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