Elevate Your CX Professionalism! 7 great ideas…

The CX Professionals Online Profile Playbook

7 secrets to Elevate your CX Professionalism

What You’re Going to Learn:

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Chapter 1: Why this Playbook was Created and Who Wrote it.
Chapter 2: Your Digital Stack: What kind of Online Profiling should CX Professionals invest their time in (and in what order)?
Chapter 3: Your Website/Blog and What it Should Do.
Chapter 4: Your Linkedin Page and Why it’s Extremely Important
Chapter 5: Using a “Newsletter” to Get More ‘Links’ from Noteworthy People
Chapter 6: How to Show up in CX Searches Ahead of Others
Chapter 7: How to get someone to help with your Career Aspirations

Here’s a flavour of the book…

Chapter 1:
Why This Playbook was Created and Who Wrote it.

Before we dive in, I want to say how excited that I am that you’re reading this playbook. Creating this was a labor of love and I hope it helps you to grow your profile in the same way I’ve been able to help so many of my clients.

My name is Steve Towers and I am a CEO, Accredited CX Champion and Certified Process Professional Champion who got into Digital Profiling because I needed a way to grow my presence when traditional means of promotion started to lose their effectiveness for me.
Over the last few years, I have made it my mission to become an expert in helping individuals and businesses transform to customer-centric operations. To do that means understanding, enhancing and presenting yourself as your own personal brand. I’ve spent countless hours learning about and testing just about every online profiling technique under the sun.
All that research and testing led me to what workswhat doesn’t work, and what order you should do everything in to get the biggest bang for your buck.
This “Playbook” will help you understand the techniques that you should be implementing in your professional life and how to be more informed when hiring someone to help you grow further.
This guide isn’t meant to be consumed in one sitting. Bookmark this guide, read it in chunks, and come back anytime to keep learning more.
Let’s get started with a 15,000 foot view of what you should be doing to market your digital profile online and in what order.

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