CPP Champion Erika Westbay is the best in the world!

The annual PEX conference features great talks, excellent networking and the yearly Awards for outstanding projects and achievements.

As always the bar keeps getting higher and we are thrilled to announce that Erika Westbay, Programme Director at the Nature Conservancy and
BP Groups first ever CPP Champion (back in 2006) has now achieved another world first as the 2016 ‘Community Contribution of the Year’.

It is a huge appreciation from the community for the effort and success Erika has achieved both within her own organisation and the world at large.

Erika Westbay ‘Community Award of the Year’

Congratulations Erika and keep pushing us on to achieve more!

Here is the list of complete winners:

Category: Best Process Improvement Project Under 90 Days
Winner: MI Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
Category:Best Business Transformation Project
Winner: Optus
CategoryBest Project Contributing to Customer Excellence
Winner: Bristol-Myers Squibb Manati
CategoryBest Technology-Enabled Process Improvement Project
Winner: Globe Telecom
CategoryBest Start Up Business Process Excellence Improvement Program (Under 2 Years)
Winner: Dos Pinos
CategoryBest Business Process Excellence Improvement Program (Over 2 Years)
Winner: Lockheed Martin
CategoryMost Innovative Approach to Driving Culture Change
Winner: BASF Corporation
CategoryProgram Director of the Year
Winner: Sridhar Krishnan (Catalent Pharma Solutions)
You can review this years and the 2017 event via www.pexweek.com

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