Customer Experience Management Method updated approach (v10)

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I hope you are well. Where has this year gone? 
Herewith is the latest on the Customer Experience Management Method ๐Ÿ™‚

** CEMMethod v. 10 ** 
As with all these things Customer Experience Management continues to develop as organizations mature and understand better the need to align everything they do to the successful customer outcome. And in the spirit of new boots and pants we have updated the CEMMethod and associated glossary to version ten. Eleven years after its public launch now with 40+ individual techniques and approaches designed to hand hold you through the tricky territory of reframing process Outside-In. 

** Updated Training program ** 
Naturally the training has evolved alongside the latest thinking and practice in the worlds leading organizations, so if you need a refresher talk to us about the very special pricing. If you have colleagues who should adopt the CEMMethod and become qualified business process professionals then join us for three or five day sessions at a venue near you soon. 

So off we go with a bounce in our step to embrace the challenge of new ways โ˜บ 

** CPP Masters program ** 
Denver, Orlando, London, Singapore 

CEMMethod (v10) โ€“ download the guide and the glossary –

Note the links expire January 31, 2015

Certified Process Professional Masters (CPP-Master) Program
Orlando USA March 16-20, Denver USA March 23-27, Dubai UAE Apr 12-16
An internationally recognized program with proven track record delivered by been there and done it coaches more than 130 times, in 52 cities with delegates from 105 countries.
The program, now in its tenth year, utilizes the BP Groups approaches and framework to help you and your organization win the triple crown โ€“ simultaneously reduce costs, grow revenues and enhance service.
Producing Immediate and sustainable business results across any industry and sector.
Become a qualified CPP-Master and demonstrate your professionalism