Exploring the fertile territory of Moments of Truth *** Moments of Truth are the cause of all our work ***

1. Moments of Truth are the cause of all our work.
In fact MOT’s create what we all say is process. Here is a video that explains their origin back in the 20thcentury. For our purposes this 10 part (one a day) series takes us through the understanding, usefulness and advanced application of MOT’s.
Why are they so important? Put simply any interaction with the customer is a Moment of Truth. Any interaction. Combine that with the observation that the customer experience is the process and you can see that MOT’s extend upstream and downstream of our business.
For example Southwest Airlines have innovated their check in process and it happens as you check out of the hotel. That MOT allows them to get the baggage into the loading cycle early and as a consequence it costs less, enhances customer service and ultimately delivers increased revenue (we all want more of that).
Getting a grip on Moments of Truth allows us to make the customers lives easier, simpler and more successful.