2. Moments of Truth (MOT) and their usefulness.

2. Moments of Truth (MOT) and their usefulness.
Any interaction with the customer is a MOT. There are of course many different types of interaction and we can summarize them as follows:
Person to Person –
Person to System –
System to Person –
System to System –
Person to the Product or Service –
Product or Service to Person –
Let’s review examples of each.
Person to Person.
In a shop. Buying a ticket at a manned ticket outlet. Meeting a supplier. Anything in fact that involves a direct interaction between people.
Person to System.
Navigating an Automated Voice Response system. Paying for a parking ticket from a machine at the airport. Interacting with a cell phone.
System to Person.
Receiving a voicemail on your phone. Showing your passport to an automated immigration check. Requesting money from a ATM.
System to System.
The interaction between your machine and a server when you send an email. Your car navigation system interacting with a GPS system.
Person to Product or Service.
Operating a vacuum cleaner. Noticing your fences have blown down after a storm (this interaction is with your insurance policy).

Product or Service to Customer.
Receiving parcels from Amazon. Driving a hire car.
As you can see there may be nested MOT’s and they often occur in sequence. For instance Calling an automated call centre (PS), then following key presses (PS), talking with a Customer Service Representative (PP) and finally the call being closed by the automated service (SP).

A process is shaped by the types of MOT, their frequency and the relationship between them.

What types of MOT have you experienced today?