Successful Customer Outcomes Posting Two

So how can we construct a Successful Customer Outcomes (SCO)?
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There are six questions we should ask ourselves, stakeholders and customers.
At the most fundamental level:
1. Who is the customer?
Yes, as an organization, we have to make the choice. We can’t sit back and wait for customers to find us we need to find them. Who are they? What value can they add to our business? Do we actually have customers we do not want? It is an interesting discussion which should put us in charge of the choice. After all these days not everyone can be our customer!
2. What is the Customers Current Expectation?
Not a small question. Have you created an expectation – either consciously or worse, inadvertently. How can you find out? Ask the customer!
Now the qualification to this when the customer answers is… did you know that?
How much of what you are currently doing aligns with the customer expectation? 
Tomorrow we will explore the Process the Customer thinks they are involved with?