Successful Customer Outcomes Posting Three

So you have the customer and their expectations understood.
What about the process the customer thinks they are involved with?
3. What Process does the Customer think they are involved with?
Challenge yourself with this one. It isn’t the process we, as an organisation, think the customer is involved with. You need to look at this Outside In.
If you, as a customer have twanged your car it isn’t the claims process, the assessment process or the evaluation process. It is much more likely to be “getting back on the road as soon as possible”. How much of what you are doing contributes to that? Are you busy processing claims, counting them, improving the efficiency of processing claims and minimizing the risk. Honestly the customer doesn’t give a stuff about that. They just want to be back on the road.
4. What do we do that Impacts Customer Success?
All the stuff we do as organizations in ensuring has been developed over time to minimize risk, improve effectiveness and delivery the required service at the lowest cost.  Along the way we have introduced rules and controls to ensure we deliver those objectives. Thinks about it in your company. Do you have checkers checking checkers? Are the unwieldy procedure manuals, written tot the latest so called Service Level Agreement standards? In our likelihood you will have things that directly impact customer success. Dumb rules, procedures from the past and checks and balances no longer required.