Five Principles for Outside-In (aka Advanced BPM)

What are the guiding principles of moving your company to Outside-In thinking and practice?

Well with ten years of implementation under the belts of leading companies the top five looks something like this..

1. Be Customer centric in everything you think and do.
Outside-In is about the Customer. It is about people. it is about you and me.

2. Be engaged and be collaborative.
There will be others who think like you and you need support to overcome inside-out entrenched mindsets. Together we are stronger.

3. Be Optimistic. Feint heart never won fair lady.
You will need to encourage others and help them realise the personal and organisational benefits of Outside-In.

4. Be Open to new ideas and new technology.
Change happens fast, keep pace and be prepared to elarn new things every day.

5. Be ambitious.
You may have to start small however the longest journeys begin with the first step. Do what you can within your sphere of influence and work for that green light. When it comes get moving and embrace the opportunity.

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