The Importance Of Professional Certification

by Anand Subramanian at The New World of Work blog:

Certification has found its way into almost every industry for a reason: It helps advance the profession.”

From Anands article:

A person’s achievement of Professional Certification documents his / her expertise and recognizes his / her personal commitment to their professional development. Additionally, the respective Professional Association / Society provides a strong collective entity through which individuals are rewarded financially and professionally.” {more}

Mastering the SCO Mindset – Part 2

The second generation of “Mastering the SCO Mindset” share many things in common with those mentioned in our first article. They are all believers in their cause, they know how to communicate those beliefs in such a way as to inspire others and they are great leaders. The difference is that the second generation did [more]

Mastering the SCO Mindset

Our earlier articles around Successful Customer Outcomes and Next Practice talked about the importance of understanding what customers want, aligning the organization to these objectives, and delivering consistently. Here we want to concentrate on another element, one that is at least as important because it is one of the key enablers for making the changes [more]

Three Steps to Heaven

Successful Customer Outcomes – Three Steps to Heaven? Take the Lift Just the other day I was standing in the lobby of a hotel waiting for the elavator to arrive. I had plenty of thinking time while I waited, and I was reminded of a great recent example of customer-focused innovation. I don’t know whether your [more]

Delivering Customer Service to reduce costs, improve revenue and enhance Service

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”. Sam Walton, founder Walmart. And never has there been a time when this is more true. Competition, globalization, conformance, complexity are all things forcing us to look at how work [more]