BPM helping in healthcare

BPM helping in healthcare: We continue our occasional series on how different industry sectors are supported through the deployment of BPM – both as a technology, way of working and sustainable means of delivering the Triple Crown (lower costs, higher revenues and enhanced service).

Ottawa hospital won best project category at the annual PEX event in Orlando earlier this year. It is an annual forum sharing and exchanging information in and around BPM, Process Excellence and Customer Experience Management.

The next USA PEX event can be reviewed at: http://bit.ly/PEX_USA

other recommended conferences on the theme include:
Australia (July) – http://bit.ly/PEX_Sydney
USA (September) – http://bit.ly/BPX_LasVegas

Great illustraton of Outside-In thinking and practice. Jeff Bezos provides his viewpoint..

“I would hope people would say that Amazon is earth’s most customer-centric company, and that we work backwards from customers. Many companies sort of look at what their skills are and they work forward from their skills. They say this is what we’re good at, and this is what we’ll do. It’s a very different approach from saying here is what our customers need, and we will learn whatever skills we need.”

That really describes the difference between inside-out thinking (examine your capabilities and figure out how to optimize them) to Outside-In – (figure out the Customer needs and align everything to deliver the Successful Customer Outcome) http://bit.ly/AmazonOutsideIn