Business Mumbo Jumbo that frustrates everyone

Business Jargon

Can we circle back and touch-base on this later?

Do you feel like you are being drowned by jargon? Grammarly recently researched the most popular phrases used in the work context and the list includes these gems…

  1. Low Hanging Fruit
  2. Leverage (do you leverage leverage?)
  3. Open the Kimono (that is creepy, sexist and racist all at the same time!)
  4. Giving 110% (which of course you can’t)
  5. Learnings (what were yours last year?)
  6. Out of Pocket (who’s pocket were you in and why?!)
  7. Drink the Kool-Aid
  8. Bio break (too much information)

You can review the full article and more of the same here.

Here is a great article on the same theme, published in New York’s ‘Vulture’ highlighting just one office workers experience:

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