Royal Bank of Scotland – have they finally got the leader to take them back to the top?

And the lights come on at last..

“It is about establishing one guiding principle that goes from the very top down to the smallest branch. Our employees who deal with customers every day understand their needs and do the best for them – this customer-focused DNA needs to run throughout the bank. We need to remember – and then never forget – that the customer is why we are in business. We need to change our behaviour at every level to reflect this simple truth. To move from stability to renewal, we need to first address and then clean up every aspect of how we treat customers.” The Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) CEO Ross McEwan.

He’s been at the helm of RBS, once very briefly the worlds largest bank, for 18 months. Prior to this, he was the group executive for retail banking services for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) for five years. A New Zealander is the man from down under going Outside In?

CBA have certainly transformed and regularly outperform their peers. One of our favoured measures of ongoing success, the triple crown (simultaneously reducing costs, improving service and growing revenues) suggests he has what it takes. 18 months in and we should start to see the results. He can talk the talk, now can he really deliver for RBS. We will let you know next month 🙂

Ross McEwan Profile and video