Twenty Twenty future vision – put Customer Experience at the center of ALL your Process Initiatives

Customers are deciding how they want to do business. With more choices and information at their finger tips they have become rebellious and promiscuous. Successful enterprises are adopting an Outside-In approach to their customers, understanding and creating needs and managing expectations proactively.

1.     Educate and engage every level of the organization in customer centric thinking.
Undertake seminars and establish an awareness campaign amongst your senior executives. Establish and qualify new roles for process professionals and customer experience people through certification and accreditation. Make the transition to Outside-In a burning platform issue as otherwise your customers will rapidly become someone else’s.

2.     Develop a practical delivery focused approach that produces wins and encourages adoption. The top team will become advocates as they see results achieved quickly. Winning hearts and minds will enable the organisation to develop rapidly and mature into a true Outside-In focused enterprise.

These first steps will begin a journey that will reward your customers, your employees and your shareholders.

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